I'll try to keep this brief, I know you're busy.

I studied literature and politics, trained as an accountant, and wound up working as an IT consultant to banks in London for 30 years. Advancing arthritis and waning enthusiasm forced me to get off the wheel and do something more rewarding.

English reserve prevents me from loud self-promotion but If you'd like to join me on the journey you could follow me on Twitter, Folksy, Instagram and Society6. I'm frequently tweeting cartoons and directing folks to special offers and new pieces. I'd rather sell unique original paintings (which I provide mounted and ready-to-frame) from my Folksy Shop, but there are huge prints and other home decor items available from Society6. I'm happy to create pieces to order so please email me if you'd like to see any subjects given the treatment. I invite you to treat yourself to some of my small windows into a more complentative or absurd world with one of my small-format paintings, intended to fit a quiet corner rather than dominate a room.